Younger musicians helping us to lose highlife heritage – Gyedu-Blay


Veteran Ghanaian highlife musician, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, says the younger generation of musicians are only helping the country to lose its highlife music heritage.

The legend made this assertion during an interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana, in response to whether or not Ghanaians are really losing our highlife sound due to the introduction of the Afrobeat music genre.

“The younger ones are helping our heritage to be lost because they are doing more of dancehall, more of reggae, and all that but we all know that dancehall and reggae came from Jamaica. The blacks that were sent away from here created that in Jamaica but we have our own.”

“Our own is highlife and every dance music in the world, whether South Africa, America, or anywhere, has highlife connotations in them because highlife is the root. Jazz, pop, hip hop, and all the others are all branches of highlife but the younger ones are sheering more into dancehall”, he said.

He lamented that this is possibly going to continue because most of the current DJs are also not inclined with knowledge about the rudiments and cadences of music, and they are not from the days of highlife, hence they also support them and promote these songs on their platforms.

Gyedu-Blay noted however that, “Highlife can never die because it gave birth to dancehall, reggae, jazz, rap and genres like that”.