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Eldest son of the legendary Abedi Pele, Rahim Ayew has hit back at critics saying that the constant attempts to blacklist his brothers Andre and Jordan from the Black Stars will not affect the family’s legacy in Ghana football.

In his words, Jordan and Andre Ayew can be left out of the Black Stars team but his family name will forever be remembered in the history of Ghana football.

Rahim Ayew’s comment was a response to critics of both Jordan and Andre over the performance of the duo at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations where the Black Stars exited the competition at the group stages without a single point.

Speaking about the contributions of the Ayew family to Ghana football, Rahim said his family’s name has been immortalized.

“Insults don’t bother us. If you compare our lives of that of the people who insult us, there’s a big difference. So why should you waste your time on such a person?” he said on Adom TV.

“People can try to take us out of Ghana football but the name will still remain. The name [Ayew] will still remain even after some years.”

He added that they the sons of Abedi Pele have also given birth so the name Ayew will forever be in Ghana football.

“What God has ordained; no man can change it. Even if they take us out, we still have children so the name Ayew will still be in football.”