Why Fella Makafui is trending on Twitter on Lockdown Day 17


Actress Fella Makafui is back in the Twitter trends, occupying the first position following the release of her single ‘Over’ – a song some have said is a subliminal shot at Sister Deborah.

The fast-tempo song comes few days after Sister Derby, ex-girlfriend of rapper Medikal who is now married to Fella Makafui, released a song titled ‘Sweet Ex’. Before the release of ‘Sweet Ex’, 35-year-old Derby had in a post sent best wishes to Medikal on his 26th birthday which fell on Sunday, April 5.

“Happy birthday my sweet ex,” the caption of an old photograph which captured Medikal planting a kiss on Derby’s cheek read.

In her ‘Over’ song which came along with an official music video, Fella Makafui first salutes her better half but ‘borrows’ a word from Derby as she says “shout outs to my sweet husband…”

Hearing the song for the first time, one would notice a striking resemblance to Shatta Wale’s ‘Freedom’ but moments after the song hit online, Sister Derby went into the archives and shared Bisa Kdei’s ‘Over’ song released in 2013 – appearing to suggest the hook, instrumentation as well as the title of Fella Makafui’s piece were ‘stolen’ hence, the actress-turned-singer is a copycat.

But there is a twist to the story! Music enthusiasts and tweeps are not only subjecting Fella Makafui’s song to scrutiny – there is a list of ‘terrible’ musicians being compiled in the wake of the release of ‘Over’.

Recall actress Emelia Brobbey was trolled months ago when she released her debut ‘Fa Me Ko’ and even though her subsequent release ‘Odo Electric’ was said to be better than the previous, the mark remains indelible.

Patapaa may have cemented his name in Ghana’s music industry with his ever popular ‘One Corner’ song and his captivating stage performances but finds himself in the list, likewise Sister Derby known for her single ‘Kakalika Love’.

Social media is buzzing and it is expected the controversy will linger considering how people are interested in the issue coupled with the quest to ease boredom in this lockdown period.

Anane Figo@figo_anane

Fella Makafui see what you’ve caused, you track just brought these guys to change

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Abenney 😁@KhofiMickson

If you were able to listen to that fella makafui full ‘over’ song, you can chew alu-zinc roofing sheets easy

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Duke of Jamestown@JamestownOf

This is just in: reports have been made that Fella Makafui’s new song can not only cure corona virus but also cause them to sue the government

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Tɔgbui Akpa klika Z3wuz3 Ɛkpɛlɛkpɛdzi Mawuli OdoDr@TorgbuiMawuli

In fact Fella Makafui must do remix with Emilia Brobbey Asuwear 😂😂😂😂
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Lor Lor👅🍫💟@AgyapongLordin1

Fella Makafui speak bad bl3 for Yolo saa take do track😂😂 “If it is for yours come and collect” Gyama woyale..nnwomto) no be sini oo

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Abeka Jollof™@QwabenaMystic

Medikal finally apologize to Fella Makafui his wife, for wronging her by making her feel the track was a hit but rather noise over fam3k) by Emelia Brobbey.
Awww am sad for MDK, pls fella forgive him wai. na u Debbie errrh😠

Watch Medikal Apologising : 😢

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Anthony Evidence Mensah@EvidenceMensah

Emelia Brobbey over Fella Makafui
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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Kobina Ocran 🇬🇭@Kobinaocrangh

So apparently Sister Derby has inspired Fella Makafui to become a musician 😂
What a funny world 😂

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Abeka Jollof™@QwabenaMystic

As people are giving us motivational songs, some pple too are busy giving us Jama. Fella Makafui u good?😒

Awell if the mind over works, the body suffers

Bigups man like @KinaataGh

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Shatta Wale, I know U used ur Freedom Vibes to write the song for Fella Makafui ✊🏾, U would Have Done The Song More Justice😁

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Sb k. GYESi🇬🇭🇳🇬🐒@_gyesi

Fella makafui ein song be nice oo just that the beat didn’t help you looking at the genre of music that she does 😹

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Sb k. GYESi🇬🇭🇳🇬🐒@_gyesi

The difference between fella makafui and Emelia Brobbey is that. No actually there is no difference both of them are actress

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Y’all jammed to Wengeze, You sey Wetin, Windeck, Eiii Alhaji, Freedom etc but it’s Fella Makafui’s Over that is the last straw ong?? Lmaoooooo okay

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Emmanuel Hanson@Ehansoni1

Anyone with OVEr?

Emmanuel Hanson@Ehansoni1

I have seen the excepts of the video and song. Fella Makafui has tried – OVER, well done. As for the beat, it’s just like the “omo ada” version. Let’s encourage our upcoming artists 🤭

Brobbey in mind 😍