Voters’ Register : ‘Yenpini’ Demonstrators Run To Otumfuo


The opposition National Democratic Congress, with other supporting political parties, have petitioned the Otumfuor after hitting the streets of Kumasi on Tuesday to protest against the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile new voters register ahead of the December polls.

This is the second of the earlier protest which was held to challenge plans of the new register at Tamale in the Northern region.

The group insists a new register is a waste of taxpayers money and could also create tension since the election is close.

The electoral commission, however, insists they will go ahead and create the register despite the disagreement by the parties and civil society organisations.

The group presented a petition to the Otumfuor to put in a word to prevent the EC from going ahead with heir plans.

Speaking to Naa Dedei Tetteh on Starr Today National Organser of the PNC Desmond Twumasi Ntow detailing the content of the petition said “it’s basically what we are telling the EC that we are not in support of the voters’ register. So, basically the summary of it is all about we not being satisfied with the EC coming out to say that they want to compile a new voters register.

“For us well continue to do our demonstration and various picketing across the nation. And as we keep doing our demonstration people are now realizing the reason why we are saying that we don’t need this register and so very soon the EC itself will come out and give up,” he noted.

He revealed that another demonstration will take place in Accra on the 28th of this month and “if they even drop it we will demonstrate to thank our followers, he added”