Soldiers Arrest 21 Separatists At A Training Camp


Personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces have picked up 21 suspected members of separatists group, Homeland Study Group Foundation in the Volta Region.

The suspects comprising 20 males and a female were rounded up at their training camp in a forest in Kpevedui during the early hours of Monday by soldiers of the 66 Artillery Regiment.

Over 40 soldiers were accompanied by two crime scene investigators from the police.

The Commanding Officer of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Baba Pantoah, told the media that about three other suspected separatists escaped before the arrests were made.

The suspects are expected to be airlifted to Accra later on.

Despite the conclusions of investigations, Colonel Baba Pantoah was adamant that the persons arrested were part of the separatist movement.

“What were they doing here around 2 am in this thick forest? We are convinced they are members [of the movement]but further investigations will establish other facts,” he added.

This is the largest arrest of suspected separatists since December 2019.

18 men were on December 27, 2019, arrested at Dipa, a village in the Nanumba North Municipality for allegedly having a meeting to discuss the separatist activities.

They were rounded up on the meeting grounds with a joint police and military and a Bureau of National Investigations officer.

They were taken to the Yendi Circuit Court where they were charged with treason felony.

On December 9, 10 suspected members of the movement were also arrested in Tumu in the Upper West Region.