Politicians That Say Ghana Has A Future Are Filthy Corrupt


A country that does not have a good judiciary system, can’t take care of its children, no elites go to jail, people openly answer nature’s call, promoting tourism in filthy smelly environments, without shame, cannot be considered a civilized country. That is Ghana.

I don’t need anyone; including politicians and pastors, to preach about Ghana to me because that’s the country I was born. I was just nineteen when I lost my father. This writer became a taxi driver while still at secondary school, on Accra roads under the heat.

On the road of agony in search of greener pastures, I lived in Nigeria, Republic of Guinea, Ivory Coast, the Gambia and the Republic of Sierra Leone. When I finally made it to Europe, I thought setting up a business in Ghana will help me and others.

I lost the plot that I bought and an initial investment of 10,000 Euros because the corruptible chief knows that Ghana’s judiciary system is as weak as a toilet paper, therefore, he can commit every crime and enjoy impunity.

Can you tell me a country like Ghana has a future?
This is not the first time I am writing about this because I want Ghanaians in the Diaspora, who want to come home and settle or invest their hard-earned money to think twice because Ghana is a country in which laws don’t work. Politicians need only pens to steal while armed robbers need guns.

If you don’t believe me, ask which Ghanaian politician or any high government official involved in serious corruption cases have been found guilty and sent to prison? That’s the reason many people, including Nyantakyi, the president himself, Nana Akufo Addo and other NDC politicians are enjoying impunity today.

While many African countries, including Rwanda, with less natural resources, are rapidly developing, Ghana, with even oil, efforts are in vain. Nobody knows where the country is heading while facing several challenges, economically, environmentally and technologically.

Sadly, Ghanaian leaders, often encourage Ghanaians abroad to come home and help build the country. Who will come home to participate in the building of a country that its weak judiciary system encourages all sorts of crimes with impunity?

Who will follow me to lose such a large amount of money if the Ghanaian government has no solutions to land crimes in the country?

Probably, to the corrupt Ghanaian politicians, 10,000 Euros is just a peanut but I work very hard in both summer and winter, every year without much money in my account.

It was a loan from the Dexia, now Belfius Bank. I have since finished paying the loan in which a criminal chief in Ghana made it disappear without achieving any significant results.

Can you tell me that such a country has a future?
I have a word for every Ghanaian politician. Please, stop asking Ghanaians in the Diaspora to come home and help build the country. Because of your corruption, you have refused to strengthen the judiciary system.

You can only do so when one day I hear that Ghana’s toilet paper judiciary system has become as strong as the walls of Jerusalem. That is when people like Nyantakyi are caged between 10 to 15 years and goat thieves are given one year.