‘Mzbel lost her real father unlike others’ – Tornado shades Afia Schwarzenegger


Nana Tornado chides Afia Schwarzenegger

Nana Tornado levels allegations against Afia Schwarzeneger

Mzbel, Afia Schwarzenegger loss their fathers

Ghanaian socialite, Emil Gerald Wood, popularly known as ‘Nana Tornado’ has thrown shades at Afia Schwarzenegger for the second time.

He claimed while throwing subtle shots at Afia Schwarzenegger that Mzbel’s late ‘Muslim’ father was indeed her father.

Earlier, Nana Tornado claimed in an interview that Afia Schwarzenegger’s late father was not biologically related to her as she made the public believe.

Nana Tornado, the former best friend of Afia Schwarzenegger, alleged that the comedienne confessed to him years ago that the man the public knows as her father is just the boyfriend of her mother.

“He is not her real father. Afia Schwarzenegger’s father is not dead. I have always maintained that that man is not Afia’s father. This is no news, I have said on various platforms that the man isn’t her biological father. I am not saying this because of my fight with her. She confirmed this to me, but if she lied then what I also have is not the truth. She personally told me that the man who is currently dead is not her real father. She said he was the boyfriend of her mother.” He stated in an earlier interview with Cindy Cash.

In a latest development, Nana Tornado has insisted on his previous allegations in an indirect manner.

During an interview with Zionfelix, he was asked how he felt after hearing the news about Mzbel’s father’s death and he replied,

“I was sad when I heard the news because I know it was Mzbel’s real father that died. There was no confusion about who her real father was. Mzbel’s father was very free-spirited. He was a very nice person and he constantly visited his daughter when he was alive. He was present at all the parties Mzbel organized. I felt the need to come and pay homage to Mzbel because she deserves it.”

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