Missing Toyota Hilux: Come And Arrest Me—Damongo MP Dares NPP


The Member of Parliament for Damongo constituency,hon. Adam Mutawakilu is daring the ruling NPP in the Savannah region to arrest him if they have balls in between their legs.

The Damongo MP is alleged to have something to do with the missing Toyota Hilux Pick-up belonging to the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council.

In a prompt rejoinder copied to this reporter, the MP describe as unfortunate attempts by the NPP to tag the exploit of his Research Assistant on the subject matter to his office,stating that, the views of his Research Assistant are independent of him and have no links whatsoever to his office as a Member of Parliament.

He further noted that, the issue in contention is a very serious one and must be treated as such. “if indeed the NPP has information that I know the whereabouts of the said missing vehicle, why not assist the police with the information or arrest me”.

The legislator disclosed that, he will take a step forward by seeking legal advice in proper terms should the members of NPP continue to defame him.

The NPP insists the Damongo MP and his boys know the whereabout of the vehicle and called on the Regional Police Command to invite them to assist in its retrieval.

Read the full rejoinder below:

My attention has been drawn to an unsigned press statement purported to have been issued by the Savannah Regional NPP communication bureau in which I was mentioned as an accomplice in the matter of the missing Toyota Hilux Vehicle meant for the SRCC. The name of my official Research Assistant was mentioned and pinned to me as having been the hidden hand behind his interest and activities in respect of this subject. I consider this posture and assertion the most unfortunate to say the least.

By this rejoinder, I want to state categorically that, Mr Issifu Seidu Kudus Gbeadese works as an official Research Assistant in my office, and therefore, any official statement issued on any matter is duly signed by him and indicated as such. So I find this attempt to tag every exploit of the young man to the office even if it were his personal pursuits as unfortunate and mean.

That said, I think the issue in contention is a serious one and must be treated with much seriousness to its logical conclusion. Mr Kudus who has worked with me for close to a decade now is someone I know to be a passionate and an independent-minded young man who will stop at nothing to face his world anytime the need arises. On the part of Savannah Region; from the beginning of the campaign to where we are today, he has independently shared his views in articles and through other means which have no links with my Office but have contributed meaningfully to the discourse on the creation of the Region.

All of us as citizens of the young Savannah Region must act responsibly to ensure its success. My Office is ready to cooperate with all stakeholders in ensuring the overall development of the region. Our partisan political positions don’t matter now, what matters is the real development of the people and that has been my focus since I decided to serve in the public service.

By this, I asked all well meaning Ghanaians especially my brothers and sisters in Savannah Region to disregard any such assertion that I, Adam Mutawakilu, have knowledge about the missing vehicle or has a hand in the activities of the young men and women who are exercising their civic responsibilities as responsible citizens by asking legitimate questions in regard to the missing vehicle. As far as Savannah Region is concerned, I have a stake just as my Research Assistant and so I don’t always expect him to indulge me anytime he has an idea to share.

But isn’t it surprising that a ruling government that is suppose to be responsible for the protection of lives and property in the Savannah Region will at this moment of the conversation be pointing accusing fingers instead of effecting arrest? If indeed the NPP has the information that I know the whereabouts of the said missing vehicle, why not assist the police with that information or arrest me. This is a serious matter that needs serious minds to discuss and not the propaganda and empty innuendos the NPP is engaged in.

I have forgiven the NPP for this recklessness because this is the first of their series of false accusations against my person…but the next time any such accusation is thrown at me, I will seek legal advice in proper terms.

Thank you
Hon Adam Mutawakilu
(MP, Damongo Constituency)