Man who started trekking since 2021 from UK reaches Turkey


A man, Adam Muhammed, has been trekking since 2021 from London as he hopes to get to Mecca on foot

People who are motivated by his determination have come out to help him along the way with food and shelter

According to the trekker, he will be passing through Jordan and Syria and aims to complete the journey in July

A 52-year-old man, Adam Muhammed, decided he was going to walk from London to Mecca on foot. He started the journey in August 2021.

For several months as he undertook the trip, he documented it online with his followers cheering him. People who knew where he was per time sheltered, fed, and helped him to push his trolley, TRT Word reports.

He has been able to make it through the Netherlands, Germany, Czech, and he is currently in Istanbul, Turkey.

Adam set a personal goal to make it to Mecca by July. He plans on passing through Syria and Jordan.

Photos of him shared on Instagram have him waving at the camera as he wears a smiling face. Many people have since reacted.