Health Ministry To Meet Unemployed Private Nursing Graduates


The Ministry of Health will later today meet some unemployed private nurse assistant clinical graduates who completed their training between 2012 and 2016.

This comes after the frustrated nurses picketed at the Ministry on Monday to demand jobs in the public sector.

The nurses say staying unemployed for several years after their training while many health facilities struggle with inadequate staff, is absurd and unfair.

“For most of us we came here for verification in 2016 and they promised to give us jobs. When they opened the employment portal they said privately-trained nurses were not part, but they have posted some of the degree and diploma nurses. We are humans, we are pleading with the government because we have waited for so long,” one of the nurses told Citi News.

But the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Health, Elorm Ametepe, told Citi News that many of these groups of nurses have been absorbed already.

He said although there’s currently a low demand for these certificate nurses, the Ministry will meet with them for a discussion.

“Preference was given to the degree and the diploma nurses. We made this known to the rest. We are looking at ways and means of helping the students so that if doesn’t look as if we have neglected them. We will meet them today [Tuesday] and table whatever they have and see how to go about it,” he said.