Government’s commitment to private sector partnership phenomenal – Dr. Gideon Boako


Technical advisor and spokesperson to the Vice President, Dr. Gideon Boako has emphasised that government’s commitment to partnering with the private sector in its development agenda for the country is exceptional.

Commenting on government’s ‘one district one factory’ initiative on ‘Pure Morning Drive’ with Kwame Adinkra, he said that govt is negotiating with private businesses across the country to set up factories that will employ more youth to cut down the rate of unemployment.

“Kwame, if President Akufo Addo in his first term has set up 50 functional factories, fifty factories consecutively for the first term; it’s phenomenal, it doesn’t happen!. If government is able to set up more factories we’ll move forward as a nation. See, if every government is setting up factories like we’ve done, things will change”.

Dr. Boako indicated that government recognises the crucial role played by the private sector adding that the enthusiasm and selfless roles played by people in the sector is non negotiable, emphasizing that government has created an enabling environment for them to play their role in national development.

“look! I tell you that the private sector is doing well. Kwame the enthusiasm and selfless dedication exhibited by these people… Is like they see it as also a part of contribution to society. I mean engaging them in meetings i see genuine interest by the people. The commitment from the President and private sector and all Ghanaians is phenomenal and i believe if we carry this momentum in the next decade or two Ghana will be a different country “

“The economic pillars are strong considering the economic fundamentals and indicators and figures. all we need do is to hold on tight to these pillars so they don’t fall.. it’s a long process, not a one day event. But we strongly believe with God on our side we’ll achieve it” he said.

He called on Ghanaians to fully support the private sector for greater development.