Don’t Fight Back—Mobile Money Group Tell Merchants As Acid Bathed Agent Eye Operated


Members of the Mobile Money Advocacy Group have advised their members not to fight back when they are attacked by armed robbers.

General Secretary, Michael Asante, said members put their lives at risk when they take on the robbers who are always armed with deadly gadgets.

Members of the Mobile Money Advocacy Group made a cash donation towards the upkeep of the Ms Aido, a mobile money agent who was bathed with acid by attackers.

Dr Ampomah expressed worry about how readily acid is available on the open market.

He stated, “ if you have GHS5 [$1] you can easily get acid to buy in the market. Some of these chemicals are sometimes diffused.”

Dr Ampomah explained people’s access to such chemicals should be limited by making sure they (the chemicals) are not just allowed to be handled by anybody.