Akufo-Addo Must Apologize To Women In Ghana And Across The Globe For International Embarrassment At The Women Deliver Conference


As if the embarrassment brought upon Ghanaians by the President and his Ghana Beyond Aid committee by plagiarising a Kenyan building on the Ghana Beyond Aid document, the President has once again embarrassed Ghana at the international conference dubbed “Women Deliver” in Vancouver Canada currently ongoing with his unfortunate statements and pronouncements on women empowerment.

President Akuffo Addo during a round table discussion shocked the whole world when he intimated that women have not done enough to earn a place at the decision making table when it comes to women empowerment and this is a President that have given birth to Five (5) females and seems not to appreciate the drive for gender equality and women empowerment. The President continued that “It was the sole responsibility of women to get into positions of power” which left Dr Alaa Murabit who was also a participant at the round table discussion glaring at our President obviously in a shock and offering to have a dinner with our President so that she could better educate our president on gender equality and women empowerment.

The conference which had over 8,000 participants is by far the largest conference on gender equality, health rights and well-being of women and girls across the globe also saw the presence of Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada, Uhuru Kenyatta President of Kenya and Sahle-Work Zewde First Female President of Ethiopia where our President literally went out of gear and embarrassed the entire nation on an international Platform.

Mr President it very clear from your utterances at the round table discussion that you lack understanding on gender equality and women empowerment and that your advisors on this subject matter must wake up to spare Ghanaians the international embarrassment.

Finally, Mr President do the needful by apologizing to women across the globe and in Ghana that you guffed because you were clearly clueless about the subject matter for discussion. Enough of the international embarrassment.

Long live women
Long live Ghana.
Bagbin Mpondan
Deputy Constituency Youth Organizer
Kintampo South