After the sudden cancellation of Shatta Wale’s highly anticipated show in Wolverhampton, UK, Sammy Flex, manager for Shatta Wale has shed light on the reasons behind the decision.

According to Sammy Flex, Shatta Wale had a number of health issues while in the UK but still wanted to meet up with his fans at Wolverhampton.

“Whilst we were still preparing, he fell ill. Weather changes, cold flu here and there. So he became a little weak within that time.

“Then we said, okay, we still want to play this show. We don’t want to disappoint our people. So what can we do now? Let’s make things comfortable for him so he can play this show,” he said on GHOne TV.

He added that after meeting with the organizers, he suggested that a helicopter be provided to take Shatta to the venue instead of undergoing a long drive from London to Wolverhampton.

“He doesn’t want to go through a long drive from London City to Wolverhampton. We told them that to make it simple, let’s airlift him, for a maximum of 45 minutes. Let’s airlift him to Wolverhampton.

“When we do that, he can get some rest. He will not be stressed, at least the little energy in him, he will be able to maintain it for the performance moving forward,” he added.

However, the organizers didn’t seem receptive to the idea, responding with, “At this stage, we can’t do it.”


Shatta Wale’s highly anticipated concert in Wolverhampton, scheduled for November 4, 2023, was abruptly canceled by his management. They cited the organizers’ inability to meet the artist’s demanding requirements, both logistically and financially, as the reason behind the cancellation.

The cancellation prompted a response from Bizzle Entertainment, who expressed surprise and disappointment, highlighting a lack of prior communication from Shatta Movement Empire. They emphasized that their agreement called for dialogue in case of unforeseen circumstances or disputes before public announcements.

Bizzle Entertainment confirmed their fulfillment of all contractual obligations, including an initial 50% down payment. They considered the cancellation a breach of the signed contract and are actively seeking an amicable resolution.



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