GNT Music has unveiled ‘You Do This One’, the latest single and video of talented and dynamic international gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo.

‘You Do This One’ single and video which is from the highly anticipated album, ‘Overwhelming Victory’ also by Mercy Chinwo, embodies the divine excellence of Christ and showcases the immense talent nestled in the singer who recently welcomed her first child with her husband, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa.

In a statement, GNT Music, which is under the umbrella of Grace and Truth Nation (GNT), co-founded by Pastor Blessed said, “This new track and its accompanying visuals hint at intimate and transformative journeys and moments of celebration, aligning seamlessly with GNT Nation’s core vision.”

“The magnetic pull of ‘You Do This One’ is undeniable. A song that perfectly captures her feelings of gratitude and unwavering faith, it also offers a heartwarming, yet subtle insight into Mercy’s cherished moments, making every chord strike deeper.”

“As a standout track from her much-anticipated album ‘Overwhelming Victory’, it encourages listeners to acknowledge and celebrate every divine intervention in their lives.

“With the success of projects like ‘Elevated’, and the creativity in music videos like ‘Wonder’ and ‘Confidence’, we have been receiving positive feedback for our excellent presentation of gospel music videos in the industry

“We attribute our successes to our Lord Jesus Christ. We’re profoundly touched by the countless souls impacted and the global testimonies received, emphasizing our mission of using music as a vehicle to display the creativity and excellence of Christ.”

Millions of Mercy Chinwo’s fans have started enjoying and being blessed by the scintillating and spirit-filled single and video on Instagram, Spotify and YouTube. Already, the music has hit over one million views on YouTube in less than 72 hours.


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